It has been three years since my dad passed away on Easter (March 31). Sometimes I go through my day without thinking about him much, but since my trip began I am constantly thinking about  him. I imagine it’s a culmination of starting the trip near Easter as well as seeing so many amazing landscapes that he would have loved.

When people ask me whether I’m traveling alone, of course I tell them I am.

But if I’m being honest, much of the time I don’t feel alone.

So here’s to my dad.


I captured this photo during one of my more special moments on this trip. Mount Cook National Park is a dark sky reserve, so naturally I had to see Mount Cook under the stars. This photo doesn’t capture the stars, as the moonless sky didn’t shine enough light on the mountain once the stars were out to capture in a photo, but let me tell you that the stars were absolutely amazing. And Mount Cook was as beautiful as ever.

That night, I walked the hour back to camp without a flashlight to fully enjoy the stars.