• Biography

    Brett Myers was born and raised in Northern California, where he learned to love the mountains and the outdoors at a young age. Growing up, Brett and his family would often drive up to Lassen National Forest on weekends. While his father captured the beauty of the emerald lakes in photographs and pondered life from a rock along a creek, Brett would unavoidably fall into those lakes and creeks.

    When Brett entered high school, his dad gave him his first camera: a little film Olympus point and shoot. That little Olympus set Brett on a trajectory of newer and nicer cameras over the next 15 years and the search for capturing beautiful landscapes.

    Brett constantly craves time in the mountains and sleeps nearly as much in the woods as he does in his bed during the Summer. And although he still can’t turn down jumping into a cold mountain lake, Brett has taken more to his father’s habits of photographing the beauty around him and meditating upon life.

    After taking six months off work to dedicate more time to these two things, Brett returned to work only to discover that it was clear that his heart had moved beyond software development. He now finds himself in constant search of adventure and capturing imagery that inspires others to do the same.

    Follow along as he photographs the world and records his musings as he goes.

  • Equipment

    When I first began taking photography seriously, I was fully on the Canon train. Soon, however, mirrorless cameras began gaining traction and I saw many benefits to mirrorless on hiking and backpacking adventures. These benefits included the compact size and lightweight components, the ability to charge via USB and the digital viewfinder.

    Before I knew it, I was abandoning my Canon kit in favor of a mirrorless Sony kit and I quickly adopted a minimalist approach to gear.

    • Primary Camera
      Sony a7rii
    • Multipurpose Lens
      FE 24-105 F4 ZA
    • Wide-Angle Lens
      FE 16-35 F4 ZA
    • Tripod
      Really Right Stuff TQC-14
    • Bag
      Mountainsmith Lumbar Pack
    • Filter System
      Lee Filters